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How to Prepare for CBSE Board 12th Exam 2018 ? #PerfectGuide

Study Plan for CBSE Board Class 12th

As far as Class 12 board exams are concerned, NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar textbooks(For PCMB) are considered as Bible. Nothing comes out of syllabus, but this don’t mean that CBSE will give you questions directly from those texts.

A clever strategy needs to be employed to excel in boards. Solve all the questions given in your NCERT books. Do both Intext and Exercise questions. This really provides you a good base, once you complete doing. After this phase, take up your Exemplar book(Applicable only to PCMB), and solve questions given in this text.

Solving Exemplar book is really worthy. It provides you an exposure to a bit more higher level of problems other than what you see in NCERT. It should be also well noted that the 2018 Maths question paper, which many described as one if toughest in decade, had questions that where given in Exemplar book.

Once you are done with your NCERT and NCERT Exemplar part, go for the final phase- Solving previous year board questions. This is very important in your preparation phase. This gives you a knowledge of how questions come for your boards. Solve the questions sincerely, and evaluate your performance.

There are many good resources that are available across you. Some good reference books are SL Arora for Physics and RD Sharma for Maths. They are very student friendly books that will surely help a lot.

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