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How Can You Prepare 4 Months Before for The Board Exams? #FullGuide

How to Prepare for Board Exams ?

Okay..6th months before the boards is the time after your mid term exams are over,and you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get a rough estimate of your performance even before your results so don’t waste those post exam holidays and work on your weak.areas. Try to finish them off before school begins and you teachers rush to complete the remaining syllabus.

Once school starts, revise your daily school work and if possible, try to study in advance. Also, try to repeat your lessons as often as possible because repeating helps you in understanding the concepts in a much better way. Refer to as many books as you want. You must get thorough understanding of all the topics if you are a CBSE student because this year, about 70% of the papers required high order thinking skills. CBSE is not about cramming anymore. If you have your boards in March, your school will probably complete your syllabus by November end and you’ll have mock tests/ pre boards after that. Your main stress should be on the books prescribed by your board while preparing for mocks/ pre boards, like NCERT for CBSE. Don’t waste your time on topics that are not in the book prescribed by the boards. Also, pay special attention to the recently added topics/ new additions in your sylabus as questions from these topics are usually asked. All these mocks and pre boards will be over by January end and you’ll be left with your practicals, a month and your boards.

Preparation Tips for Board Examination

Don’t take the practicals lightly as they are very easy to score in and losing marks here is plain stupidity. Your files should be presentable, the written part of your practicals must be correct and you should have thorough understanding of the text in your files. Your practicals will go very  smoothly if you follow all this.

Now after your practicals, you have the month of February with you. Keeping in mind your datesheet, plan your days in such a way that you devote more time to the subjects that have less gap (like cbse science students had a gap of 2 days for chemistry and commerce students had a gap of 1 day each for Business Studies and Economics).

Board Exams Preparation Tips for 10th & 12th Class

Try to solve as many sample papers as you can in this time period and work on your weak areas. Don’t touch new reference material at this stage as it’ll only confuse you and lower your confidence. Stick to the board prescribed books and refer to other publcations only for the topics that aren’t adequately explained. And make sure that book isn’t an entirely new concept for you.

Carefully plan out your time and stick to your schedule. Maths usually takes the maximum time out of all subjects, irrespective of your stream. So plan accordingly.

Final Words-

Don’t overwork or else you’ll be frustrated and overwhelmed by the end of the year.

Sleep for 8 hours daily, don’t skip food, take short breaks and don’t waste time. Facebook, movies and parties can wait. You’ll have a lot of time to enjoy before your college commences.

So basically, plan your time according to your need, and stick to your schedule. Hard work is not enough for cracking boards. Hard work + Planning + Sincerity = Success

Good luck for your boards! 🙂

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